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How To Prepare For IBPS Probationary Officer Exam

29th July 2022

IBPS or The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is the governing body that conducts the Probationary Officer exam every year in India. The exam has three stages, Prelims, Mains and an Interview round. Qualifying for the IBPS P.O exam is not an easy task. The competition is high and the syllabus is vast. So a proper study plan with the right guidance and preparation is the key. Without a proper understanding of the topics, it is hard to reach the cut-off mark.

IBPS PO Syllabus

The IBPS PO syllabus consists of :

So, properly covering all the topics under each section is really important. Not just covering, but learning with thorough determination and understanding.

How to prepare for IBPS PO Exam?

1. The Syllabus

Knowing the syllabus is really important. IBPS only mentions the main topics, not the sub-topics that come under each section. So, doing proper research to understand all the subtopics is important. As missing out on any one topic can be problematic.

2. The Plan

Once the syllabus has been sorted out, the next step is the route. The road map, the plan. One must have a proper plan. When to start studying, how to study, how to revise. Always go through the previous years’ question papers. Attempt maximum mock tests as one can. Prepare in every single way.

3. Do not rush

Cover every topic thoroughly. Do not try to attempt to study more than one topic at the same time. Finish one, then move to the next topic. Moving from one topic to the next without finishing one is always a bad idea. Finish one topic, do the required mock tests and move to the next topic. Move to the next topic only when you are confident with the previous topic that you have studied.

4. Read a lot

When it comes to general knowledge and current affairs, we have to read a lot. There is no other way. Read a lot of books, and newspapers, watch the news and so on. Be aware of what is happening around you in all areas. Be it politics, technology or any other field.

5. Brush up your English skills

One section where you can score easy marks is the English section. Scoring here will take you one step closer to the cut-off. Practice your grammar skills, reading skills and comprehension skills. It is one easy section to score marks. The questions are fairly simple if you know the basics.

6. Get Professional Help

By professional help, we mean to join a bank coaching centre. Sometimes collecting the syllabus, mock tests and getting previous question papers can be tiresome. By joining a coaching centre, you will get everything you need. From the proper syllabus, and study materials, to the mock tests, the right guidance and so on. They would have a proper clear-cut timetable and will cover all the topics from start to end.

With the right guidance, the right study materials and proper preparation, cracking IBPS PO  is easy. Otherwise, it would be a tough mountain to climb. To cover all the topics in the syllabus you need a proper plan, proper guidance and motivation. The best bet is to join a coaching centre that can guide you to the desired result.

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