How to prepare for bank exams 2021: Best Tips

How to prepare for bank exams

Message by Jaya Krishnan(Our CAIIB Candidate) :

He said "Hey All Busy People. I gave my first attempt for CAIIB last year. I got 67 in BFM and 64 in Retail, but despite the work i have done i am failing in ABM in my last 3 attempts with 44, 45 & 46. I framed my self as a failure. This was my 4th attempt after which i should again start from no where from zero. There i got to know about Institute of Banking Studies. Started to know about this institute. Im no where related to this institute which was some where in Karnataka. I Called Suma Madam & and joined this. Yes i did this time. Cleared CAIIB. I should thank some people whom i feel more than faculty as a family. I should show them my gratitude by thanking each and every one who were been the part of my success of Caiib. Starting with Raveendranathan sir, Rajendra sir, Ravi Chandran Sir, Supriya Madam, Parvez Sir, Meera Manoj Madam, Vinayak Sir, P V Narayan Sir, Vijay Kumar Sir & Biju Sir. I used to message and call to Raveendranathan sir every time for asking my doubts. He never felt disturbed. He still updates himself for the sake of aspirants. I think you are big asset to IBS sir. And also Rajender Sir for his helping hand every time i need & inspiring me. I should be thankful to people who became my friends who were been part of my preparation. These people believed me more than myself. Himani, Madhavi, Anand, Aparna. Love You Guys. Sorry if i miss any. Finally Thank You IBS "


How to prepare for bank exams 2021: Best Tips

How to prepare for bank exams? Here, we will look into some best tips on how to prepare for bank exams 2021. Considering the increasing demand on aspirants looking for a banking job in a reputed banks, many aspirants are preparing for the upcoming bank exam. Most recent update shows that the number of vacancies in the banking sector is increasing day by day. As a result, we will look into some plan on how to prepare for bank exams. First of stick to some basics on learning and preparation like some below points.


  • Join a Top Online Bank coaching Platform
  • Do have mock tests on bank exam are a must.
  • Timed mock tests on online bank coaching will help you perform in actual exam without any pressure.
  • Focus more on topics you feel weak in Mock Test.
  • Mock tests give you a confidence of your concepts.
  • Calculate your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Have a study plan initially, don’t skip Topics.
  • No confusion. Be clear.
  • Hard work never goes to waste.
  • Keep updated with the latest exam pattern and syllabus.

How to prepare for bank exams, is broad question. But we go through some basics and some free bank coaching  links. While there are lakhs of aspirants opting for bank coaching institutes to prepare for their competitive bank exam most them are now preferring online bank coaching, some will prepare themselves by their own. Preparing at home could at times become challenging and often it turns out to be off comfort considering the change of syllabus and using incomplete study material which are available online.

So, always try to join some online bank coaching platform were they give you a better guidance, than giving a try ourselves. Such bank coaching institutes can help you with previous year questions, normal patterns, on your study planning and more. There are lot of free telegram groups and YouTube channels were you can take some suggestions.

Another important point to be notified your study materials, always choose the best study materials. One of the best study material for online bank coaching is of Macmillan Education. To have a deep understanding of how to prepare for bank exams please all the links which are attached which will guide some free bank coaching contents.

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