Debt Recovery Agents

DRA or Debt Recovery Agent is a certificate course for Debt Recovery Agents. Reserve Bank of India(RBI) has asked India Banks Association to initiate all Banks and NBFC to undergo 100 / 50 hours of training on debt Recovery within one year of Joining a DRA Agent. The course is designed in a such way that, where the process of training by senior executives of Indian Banks Association (IBA) and banks.

The service providers or the agency engaged by Banks / NBFCs should make all their staffs undergone the above training and obtain a certificate for the purpose of recovery. This should be followed by all agencies. The course helps to improve the aspirant’s knowledge in all the areas of banking like products, policies, procedures and processes. Also helps to develop the Debt Recovery Agents soft skills for collection through fair practices

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    DRA training online

    WHY US?

    Since, we accredited from IIBF as a authorized institute to train DRA agents we are considered best institute for dra training. Our Institute in is considered by many agencies as the best DRA training institute in Bangalore(All Karnataka), all locations of Kerala, our Our online DRA coaching in all languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Oriya, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam which made our Learning platform to spread to all locations of India .

    Our training will primarily focus on soft skill development and improvement of functional competency of DRAs and the duration of 100 or 50 hours will be distributed in the following ratio. Focus will be on legal procedure & operational aspects also Personnel effectiveness and Interpersonal behavior of banking more particularly the collection function. Once the training is completed the candidates can apply
    for the examination to be conducted by IIBF.

    How to get a DRA Certificate?

    DRA Certificate can be attained through completing the following process,

    • Undergo a DRA certificate from any DRA training institute  for 100/50 Hrs.
    • All the aspirants should get DRA training certificate from the respective  DRA training institute
    •  Apply for examination in IIBF, which will be mostly done by the DRA Training institute Itself.
    • Appear for the DRA examination and get passed to attain the DRA Certificate.

    DRA Training online

    DRA Certificate can be attained with ease by joining the online DRA training, we the Institute of Banking Studies the best bank coaching institute in India provide DRA training online courses in all regional languages in India. Why should you prefer Institute of Banking Studies(IBS) over other DRA Training Institute,

    • Over a decade experience in to bank coaching.
    • DRA Training institute accredited by IIBF
    • All the faculties in our DRA training are retired bank Higher officials.
    • Collective experience of all our  faculties immensely huge.
    • Available in all regional languages.
    • Available is many locations in India, our Institute in Bangalore in reputed as the best DRA training  institute in Bangalore. 


    • The training for DRA certificate will more focused on soft skill development and specific improvement in functional competency of DRA agents and Collection agents in duration of 100 / 50 hours. The training should be done with,

      • DRA training institute accredited by IIBF.
      • DRA Training of bank / NBFCs who have been notified by IIBF.
      • DRA Training department of banks / NBFCs who have indicated to IIBF to undertake such training for their bank / NBFCs
      • Get certified from IIBF after offline , online DRA training of Institute of banking studies.
      • Institute of banking studies, is reputed as the best DRA training institute. 
      • One of our Institute in Bangalore is considered by many agencies as the best DRA training institute in Bangalore.

    Who can Apply?

    • The candidate shall possess the minimum qualification of SSC passed or above.
    • Candidate should have completed 18 years of age on the date of application.
    • The agents with qualification from SSC up to graduation should undergo 100 hours
      training and above 50 hours
    •  Applicant has to submit the following attested copies of the documents, Proof of educational qualifications, Age proof, Address proof, Original training completion certificate

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